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Hocking River Stage and Flow Data:

The Hocking River watershed drains nearly 1,000 square miles of Southeast Ohio.  Monitoring the 'stage' (water level) and 'flow' (volume of water) of the Hocking and its tributaries is crucial to flood potential monitoring as well as mitigation and preparedness planning.  Recent advances in stream measuring and satellite telemetry technologies have provided important new tools to Athens County.

The U.S. Geological Survey and its partners maintain several near-real time stream gauges of interest to Athens County.  These gauges have different measuring capabilities, and purposes.  See the specific gauge link below for details.  In addition to real-time monitoring, significant interest has emerged recently in providing long term historical data on-line for at least the USGS Stream Gauge located at Athens, Ohio.  These databases are now being constructed, however due to the volume of data, will take time to build.  Our special thanks to the Ohio District, Water Resources Discipline of the USGS for helping to acquire this important historical data.

Athens Ohio Hocking River Stream Gauge Data:

Other Stream Gauges of interest to Athens County: Burr Oak Lake in northern Athens County is another important contributor to Hocking River watershed behavior. This lake is formed by the Tom Jenkins Dam, a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers flood control facility. The amount of water being released by this dam is regulated by the Corps.

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