Athens, Ohio
Climatological Data Archive
Weather and Precipitation Observations, Stream Stage/Flow,
Flood Potential Monitoring, Historic Events, Research References

About this Site:
The primary mission of this site is to pull together various available resources which observe, describe, and document the Climate of Athens County, Ohio.  Special emphasis is placed on minimizing loss of life and property from natural disasters through better planning and prepardeness data.

This site was launched in Fall 2003, and is maintained by volunteers.  Much of the data we hope to add here involves large statistical volumes which will take time to publish on-line.  Our intent is to begin this process with current data, and to work back in time.

Primary contributors to this project include:

We wish to acknowledge their interest and support.

Your comments and suggestions are encouraged, and always welcome.

Ted Jacobson
Athens, Ohio

Athens Ohio Climatological Data Archive
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